South East KY Flooding - Statement from Bishop Fairley

July 28, 2022

Once again, floodwaters cover Eastern Kentucky. News outlets are calling the flooding “historic,” which is a word no one wants to hear during a disaster. I have been in contact with our Conference Disaster Response Coordinator, Jim Morse, who is diligently working to coordinate our efforts, and with each District Superintendent in the affected areas. My understanding is that search, rescue and recovery efforts are ongoing in some areas. Please check in with each other. Seek out ways you may be of immediate help without hindering the search, rescue and recovery efforts, and without putting yourself at risk.
At this point, we know that Hindman United Methodist Church, in the South East Kentucky District, is flooded with at least half of the sanctuary underwater.  Their parsonage is OK, but currently without power. When we are notified of other damage or updates, we will post that information here, As always, we direct our hearts, prayers, and work toward all God’s people, not just United Methodists. If there is one thing I have learned about Kentucky, it is the deep resiliency of its people and their response when faced with disasters.
I know that you will join me in prayer for these, our sisters and brothers, as they once again face disaster with a deep faith in Jesus Christ. I expect nothing less from the people called United Methodist in Kentucky but to roll up our sleeves for the work ahead and bend our knees in specific prayer for friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Pray now for specific ways you will respond to this urgent call for help. Currently, there is an urgent need for flood buckets. Please see the accompanying story for more details.
Lord, in your mercy, hear the cry of your people and equip, encourage, and empower those of us who will be called upon to help in the days ahead.
In Christ,
Bishop Fairley