2015 Bishop's Day with Confirmation Students

March 15, 2015

Saturday, March, 14 was Bishop's Day with Confirmation Students. Over 150 youth and adult leaders spent the morning in Crestwood learning about the structure and workings of the United Methodist church. Confirmation students from throughout the conference started the morning with icebreakers and then were lead in prayer by Bishop Lindsey Davis. Afterwards, students were engaged in a time of learning, Rev. Julie Love taught about the structure and beliefs of the church; Lesley Williams, conference assistant controller, talked to the students about how our apportionments are spent at both the local church and general church levels; Rev. Kevin Burney spoke about how the Kentucky Conference is ushering new clergy into the fold.

After our time of learning, Bishop Davis fielded questions from the curious students. Questions ranged from what is his favorite color to what is the churches position on war. Then Bishop Davis served communion and our day was complete.