Update from The Gathering

March 27, 2015

The Louisville Wesley Foundation intends to be the movement of Jesus, transforming the world through loving God and people. The United Methodist Church on campus at the University of Louisville continues to grow and reach out to students at University of Louisville.


A new position of intern will be added to our outreach efforts on campus this summer. This position is funded in part by the student taking the job. We ask for your prayers as we undertake this first step at expanding our discipleship efforts.


Calling all golfers, please join in the fun on Monday, May 18th when the Wesley Foundation Board of Directors will host a gold scramble with all proceeds going towards the ministry. Foursomes are still needed, and additional information may be found at gatheringlouisville.org


For further information about the Wesley Foundation, please contact our pastor Marco Ballesteros at 727-8504. If you would like to support our United Methodist campus ministry please mail your check payable to Louisville Wesley Foundation, 2817 Hikes Lane, Louisville, KY 40218.