2015 Annual Conference Thursday Wrap-up

June 11, 2015

Bible Study
Bowling Green District Superintendent Rick Bard led bible study and preached on humble servant leadership, “We need to strip ourselves of our sins, our debt and anything that hinders us.”

Worshipful Work/Plenary
Voting continued, with clergy electing John Hatton and Eric Bryant as Jurisdictional candidates. Esther Jadhav, James A. Williams and David Garvin were voted in as alternates.
Two changes were proposed to the standing rules. The first proposed change was to remove the Primary Task Executive Committee from the standing rules, which was approved. The other standing rule change was a proposal to establish the conference Board of Pensions as a creditor for receivables from church billings, which was also approved.  There were ten petitions presented by the Petitions and Resolutions team:
. Petition of Clergy Pension Preserved: Not supported
3. Petition of Complainant as party to just resolution: Supported
4. Petition on Definition of Just Resolution: Supported
5. Petition on Revision of Episcopal Complaint Process: Supported
6. Petition for Mandatory Penalty For Violation of: Not supported
7. Petition on Conference Apportionment Formula: Supported
8. Petition on General Church Apportionment Formula: Supported
9. Discipline ¶ 340 (Responsibilities and Duties of Elders and LicensedPastors): Not supported
10..Addition of Discipline Paragraph 673 (District Committee on Marital Covenants): Withdrawn

was reported that Thursday night’s mission offering raised over $81,000. Gene Pillow, Dean of the Cabinet, shared church mergers and closings. Three churches were closed: Rosebud and Cedar Grove from the Madisonville district and Mount Hebron in Frankfort district. Bishop Davis said a prayer of thanks for those reached and ministered to by these churches over the ages and also prayed for a vision to plant new churches. Bishop Davis recognized Farley Stuart for his election as delegate to general Conference from the Redbird Conference, as well as his endorsement for the episcopacy by that same conference. Ken Sloane presented an award from Discipleship Resources to Masonville UMC. Church Health shared news about their initiative to the conference. The final report on Change for Change will come at a later date due to the person responsible for keeping track of the donations having to leave conference to attend a funeral.
Afternoon Session
George Strunk presented the 2016 budget and it was affirmatively passed. Kathy Goodwin shared the good news of Nathaniel Mission in Lexington. Bishop Davis thanked the worship team, stage team, GNTV and the conference staff as well as interpreters and local committee. The General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference delegations were introduced to the conference. The clergy delegation is: General Conference – Bill Arnold; Tom Grieb; Maxie Dunham; Iosmar Alvarez and Jean Hawxhurst ; Jurisdictional Conference - Julie Hager Love, David Grout, Michael Powers, John Hatton and Eric Bryant. Esther Jadhav, James A. Williams, and David Garvin were chosen as clergy Jurisdictional Conference alternates.
The laity delegation consists of: General Conference -  Lew Nicholls, Linda Underwood King, Jan Brown-Thompson, Brenda Glover and John Denham.; Jurisdictional Conference - Michael Watts, John Crissman, Ed Shytle, Josiah Brock and Paul Whalen. In addition, Tim Roach, Cierra Patterson and Mary Watley Suntken were chosen as laity Jurisdictional Conference alternates. Bishop Davis then read the ministerial assignments for the 2016 year and we were adjourned. At the conclusion of the 2015 Kentucky Annual Conference, the General and Jurisdictional delegates, along with the alternates, held their first meeting.
2016 Annual Conference
Annual Conference 2016 will again be held at the Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green, June 13-15. We will return in 2017 as well. It was voted on and approved that we will return to Covington for 2018, 2019 and 2020.