Church Health Team Would Love to Hear From You

June 29, 2015

The Church Health team was excited to meet so many of you at the 2015 Annual Conference. As part of our display table we were giving away copies of the Discovering Your Church’s Story: A Bible Study. This study, written by some of our own Kentucky laity and clergy, helps your church develop an intentional discipleship process that will increase its health and effectiveness. This study is intended for local faith communities self-assess their mission-field effectiveness and to provide insights for the faith community’s next steps. It is a discovery of your church’s story using Biblical images and stories. The design is to encourage and celebrate what God has already done and to lead into the next chapters of the church’s story. 

If you picked up a copy of this bible study for your church, we would love to know if you have started using the bible study or when you may plan on using it. If you have any questions about how to get started or would just like to talk about church health, in general, contact Rev. Tami Coleman at