An Update from the Eastern Kentucky Disaster Response Ministry

February 14, 2023

The Disaster Response Ministry (DRM) for Eastern Kentucky is now ready to enter the Recovery Phase for the July 2022 flooding that affected so many people and communities in our conference. The DRM is working directly with UMCOR for grant funding. This funding and Conference funding supported by your gracious donations will allow the DRM to assist individual survivors in their recovery and restoring much that was lost during the flood. We are now in position to complete a full team of the DRM within the northern most affected areas as the first phase of recovery. As we move along in the Recovery Phase we will continue to build upon the DRM, reaching more and more of the affected area with each new phase of ministry.

We are currently in the hiring phase to help build out our DRM team. So that we can be ready to better receive our volunteers to help us serve the people of eastern Kentucky, we are seeking to fill the positions of Construction Manager, Disaster Case Managers (full-time and part-time), Volunteer Coordinator, and Grant Manager for the first phase of this process. We are asking that you help us spread the news about these positions that are open and need to be filled immediately. The immediate and most importantly needed position is that of Construction Manager, the hands-on person working with survivors, volunteers and vendors. 

The Construction Manager, Disaster Case Managers, and Volunteer Coordinator will operate out of Hampton UMC in Campton, KY. Click the links below to view the job descriptions and access the job application.







 Please share this information to anyone who may want to be a part of the Disaster Response Ministry Team. To read more about what our relief and response work in eastern Kentucky, visit the Kentucky Conference Disaster Response Ministry website.