A Sunday Committed to Ending Racism

Bishop Reginald Jackson of The AME Church and Jim Winkler of the National Council of Churches speak at the Liberty and Justice for All Conference held in Washington, DC, September 1 - 2, 2015.

Churches throughout the KY Conference are invited to dedicate your worship this Sunday, September 6, to "Confession, Repentance, and Commitment to End Racism".

Racism will not end with the passage of legislation alone; it will also require a change of heart and thinking. This is an effort which the faith community must lead, and be the conscience of the nation. We will call upon every church, temple, mosque and faith communion to make their worship service on this Sunday a time to confess and repent for the sin and evil of racism, this includes ignoring, tolerating and accepting racism and to make a commitment to end racism by the example of our lives and actions. Every faith leader is asked to preach about racism and our responsibility as people of faith to end racism.

There is a litany available for local congregations to use this Sunday.  The litany is available by clicking here.

The United Methodist Church is a part of the Pan-Methodist Commission and is therefore a co-sponsor of the event.