Ministers Week at Lake Junaluska

July 28, 2006

No suits or ties were required. Relaxing and taking time to enjoy the day was a necessity. SEJ Clergy and their families found a rhythm of rest through the practice of Sabbath time. The gathering of 250 clergy during the week of July 10 – 14 featured speakers Rev. Wayne Muller and Billie Fidlin. The week was built around morning musings and afternoon adventures.

“The curriculum is really good and it’s a chance for my wife to relax,” Rev. Steve Baccus of East Gadsden UMC in Gadsden, Ala. said.

“It gave me a different perspective on the Sabbath and how Jesus respected the Sabbath. It’s given me a perspective, as a minister, to set aside the Sabbath for myself,” he said.

Reverends Larry and Susie Knedlik participated in the Sabbath Practice for Couples workshop among many others. Throughout the week they found a new appreciation for rest and relaxation.

“Just really how much we preach about Sabbath and don’t take seriously as a commandment,” Rev. Susie Knedlik.

Coming to the conference for the first time was a great experience for Rev. Bob Brown of Murphy’s Chapel UMC in Troy, Ala.

“I’m interested in some of the topics like learning how to take time off and rest and family Sabbath. I’ve never been to Lake Junaluska before and I’ve heard about it all of my life.  I heard it was a beautiful place and everything I heard about was true,” he said.

After taking a group of 17 people from Park Memorial UMC in Troy, Ala. to a mission trip in Mexico, Rev. Steve Rascoe needed some rest.

“No matter how busy you are you still need some personal time. It’s good just to be a part of the receiving edge spiritually instead of only in the giving edge and to get new ideas,” he said.

Coming to Ministers’ Week has been a tradition of 20 years for Rev. Vernon Perdue and wife Mary of United Methodist Church of Greenville, Ky.

“This year it’s more laid back, you’re not in a tight schedule, the evening services are very uplifting,” he said.

2006 was a year particularly welcoming to families. Rev. Darrell Lyons of Lawrenceburg UMC in Kentucky brought his son Daniel for the atmosphere and the many activities.

Daniel and Darrell Lyons

Vernue Purdue at Sabbath and the Boddy workshop