Loucon's Open Air Chapel

October 10, 2006

The Open Air Chapel at Loucon has been a very important place in the spiritual lives of thousands. For Rev. Dan Smith it is the place where he accepted Christ into his heart. He still remembers the place. For Jim Butler it is a place where he has seen countless others do exactly the same. The chapel had such an impact upon Jim’s life that he wrote a song.


The Open Air Chapel was erected in 1967 as a Gift from Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Giles of Louisville, Kentucky. It has also been called the Outdoor Chapel; however the term “Open Air” was created to help differentiate it from the other outdoor chapels on site. The chapel has definitely been a place that has honored God and allowed many to come to know Him in a new light. It has been a place of freedom where they have given up their burdens. It is a powerful place. I hope that the Giles family knows just what an impact this God has made on those who have worshiped in their chapel. It is tremendous.


A lot of the focus has shifted to Vesper Hill over the past several years due to the Passion play. However the Open Air Chapel remains a place where God is present and changing lives. It is a pivotal place in the ministry of Camp Loucon and a favorite of several retreat groups.


Right now there is a need for some tender loving care for the Open Air Chapel. The roof leaks, there is a hole in one side, and several of the wooden shingles have fallen out of place. Our plan is to renovate the chapel and return it to its earlier splendor. We plan on putting a rubber roof, replacing rotten plywood, and replacing shingles. The rubber roofing alone will cost around $7,000. The entire project will likely cost $9,000-$10,000.


This is a facility that God uses every summer to help enrich the lives of those who worship here. It is a place where people allow God to work in their lives, and it is a place of peace, freedom, forgiveness, grace, and love. This is a place that we need to fix before the damage gets any worse. And no matter what this is a place where God will continue to work! We praise God for what He has done and will do in this place.


So far about $2,000 has been raised towards this project. In fact one camper recently mailed me a check for $82. He had just started his first job, and he mailed us his very first check! That is an act of faith, and it shows how important this place is to so many. It also shows how much God has worked in his life through worship in the chapel. To help with the expense of refurbishing the Open Air Chapel please call at 270-242-7160.

                                                                        --Warren Hopper


Thanks to the generosity of the Royster family the Open Air Chapel project is now fully funded. The project is under way, and it is hoped that it will be finished before next summer. The Royster family has given the remainder in honor of Jane G. Royster’s 60th birthday! Special thanks to the Roysters for this generous gift. Mrs. Royster is a wonderful example of a life lived for Christ, and renovating Open Air is an excellent way to honor her.