Hispanic Ministries: Elizabethtown District Celebrates

November 02, 2007

On October 13th “Dios Siempre Presente” Hispanic Ministry resumed the Incubator meetings. This is the period where we prepare our leaders to get to know their gifts and functions. We started the study Jesus on Leadership: Becoming a Servant Leader, by C. Gene Wilkes. We finished this first meeting with Foot Washing, Communion, Baptism Remembrance, and Anointment with the power of the Holy Spirit. With this special service our leaders understood and experienced what Jesus did and felt for us to become servant leaders.

On October 27th the Hispanic women participated in the UMW Conference; it was a new experience for all of us. We were impressed by the missionary work UMW does. Praise the Lord for this.
Lebanon UMC had a cookout at the Trailer Park where some Hispanics live. This was an evangelistic event. Thomas Kimble from the Hispanic Missionary Team became “Happy,” a clown who wonderfully presented the Gospel through tricks, and after his performance I presented Salvation to Hispanics. About 43 people gathered to hear it and to eat hamburgers and hot dogs. Lebanon UMC is becoming a transformed Missional Church.

At Irvington UMC the Hispanic Missionary Team, Rev. Lea Ann Young Johnson, and Thomas Kimble are giving the English Camp. This is a new and wonderful beginning.

Pray, people need the Lord and we are called to bring the message, and spread the voice, so it can be heard everywhere and by everyone.

God bless you all!

Rev. Maria M Bas Garcia

Foot washing at Dios Siempre Presente Incubator meeting