Muhlenberg County Ready for Skilled Teams in Tornado Recovery

March 25, 2008

We are pleased to report that the Muhlenberg County response and recovery efforts in the wake of the "Super Tuesday Tornado" are making steady progress.  We have now entered a "new phase" of those efforts. With the development and pending incorporation of the "Muhlenberg County Long Term Disaster and Recovery Committee Inc.," we are in a position to begin an intentional plan for rebuilding.

Since the tornado struck on February 5th, our community has utilized literally hundreds of volunteers from numerous churches and other organizations across the country.  They have focused attention on debris cleanup not requiring skilled labor. Most of those volunteers have worked on Saturdays.  And most of those United Methodist teams have been processed through Central City UMC.

We will continue to utilize unskilled labor on Saturdays for the foreseeable future.  We will continue to process those teams through CCUMC, via calling me, Kevin Brown, at 270-977-6668, or emailing me at

But any SKILLED LABOR teams will now utilize Ann Sparks and the Greenville United Methodist Church.  They will be coordinating teams with skilled labor, and teams who will plan to spend at least one night.  Ann and her committee will make all the connecting links between the needs of the local rebuilding efforts and the skills and needs of the volunteer teams who are coming to help with the rebuilding efforts.

Ann's contact information is: and telephone numbers: 270-338-1523 & 543-2621.

Words cannot express the deep appreciation that the entire community feels towards all of you out there who have lifted us up in your prayers, sent cards, letters of support, financial donations, your hands, your feet, and your tools.  This is a real world example of Good Friday being transformed into Easter!

He is Risen!
May we also be!
Kevin Brown, Pastor, Central City UMC