KAC Missionary Support

April 03, 2008

The final report for the calendar year 2007 reveals that 40 of our congregations supported our United Methodist missionaries. Of these, 32 provided gifts for the Morrisseys (Michael and Sherri) in Thailand and 10 helped provide for David Persons. Five other UM missionaries--Marilyn Brock, Karen Ujereh, Gorden Graner, and Mark and Rebecca Smallwood--also received support.

Fourteen of our churches promised Covenant Support (read about the Covenant Relationship Program here). Six of these actually paid more than they promised, while five others met their commitment. 
Special mention should be made of the following:
• Elizabethtown Memorial gave $8,400 in support of three different persons.
• Settle Memorial gave $6,000 in support of three.
• Christ Church UM (Louisville) provided $5,850.
• United Methodist Temple in Russellville gave $3,613.
• Others of note include Greenville ($2,500), Trinity Hill in Lexington ($2,500), Frankfort First ($2,250), Radcliff ($2,085), and Howe Valley in Eastview ($2,080).
• So that we're reminded that smaller gifts are also important, the smallest amount for support was $25.

Howard Reynolds