JAM Gardens "Help" Stretch Out Household Food Supply

April 04, 2008

Congregations and/or individuals from the Kentucky Annual Conference donated seeds or financial contributions to the Jam Gardening Project (Green Thumb Gardening Project).  Thanks to the generosity of churches and individuals last summer 2,810 households were supplied seed potatoes, tomato plants, and a variety of vegetable seeds.  With the inventory of food banks, pantries, etc. becoming increasingly limited, the concept of "growing" one's produce becomes increasingly attractive/needed.

Since the early 1970's, Jackson Area Ministries (Jackson, OH) has sponsored a significant garden project, providing seeds and plants for families or individuals in the Appalachian counties of southeast Ohio.  The mission of the program is to offer seed potatoes, tomato plants, and vegetable seeds to each participant with the intent that they can "grow their own garden."  If each garden were to hypothetically yield $200 worth of food, then the combined value of the 2007 program could be estimated at $562,000.

Congregations, Sunday school classes, United Methodist Women units, youth groups and individuals have all made this program successful.  The garden program in 2007 received donations from 31 different states.

If you are interested in participating this year, send your inquiry to:

JAM Gardening
PO Box 603
Jackson, OH  45640
Phone:  (888) 237-3141
E mail:  jamjar@bright.net

Brochures, complete report, bulletin inserts and other information are available from our office.

Thank you for all the years of supporting us.

Rev. Robert Davis, Jackson Area Ministries