Historic Southeast Asia Mission Conference in Thailand

April 17, 2008

Friday night, February 1, 2008, was a historic event in the life of The United Methodist Church.  It was the first Conference of the Southeast Asia Mission of the United Methodist Church in Thailand.  At this conference, Bishop Larry Goodpaster of the Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference gave the first United Methodist pastoral appointments ever in Thailand. 

Six pastors received appointments and were certified as Mission Pastors at this conference.
• Dr. Wiset and Pastor Sarah were appointed to Pradumri UMC, the first UMC in Thailand.  They also received a special certificate of honor for their role in inviting the UMC to Thailand.
• Pastors Jerron and On were appointed to Bowin UMC, which opened in May 2008.
• Pastors Dang and Maow were appointed to Prarachagit UMC, the first United Methodist congregation in the capital city, Bangkok.

Over 140 adults were in attendance to celebrate with singing, testimonies, and prayer.

Bishop Goodpaster preached from Acts 2 and challenged the Thai United Methodists to model their churches after the picture of the church in this passage of scripture.
He challenged them to 1. Teach God's Word and be Grounded in the Scriptures; 2. Be a Community of Caring; 3. Be a House of Prayer; and 4. Always Focus on Jesus.

Bishop Goodpaster's final challenge was for Thai United Methodists to plant many more new churches in this next year.  We thank all those who support the Thailand Mission that make it possible to spread the gospel throughout Thailand.

Mike Morrissey and Sherri Tabaka-Morrissey
GBGM Missionaries to Thailand

Advance Numbers
00403A Thailand
15122Z Mike
15123Z Sherri

Read the Morrissey's blog at http://msmorrissey.blogspot.com/.

Bishop Goodpaster gives a prayer of consecration over the newly appointed Mission Pastors in Thailand.