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June 09, 2008

We thank you for the wonderful support we have received from our sisters and brothers of the Kentucky Annual Conference.  We have been humbled by your generosity which has strongly supported our Mission Personnel Advance.

Budgeted GBGM funds cover our traveling and administrative expenses, but are not enough for supporting ministries.  Every church planted, every orphan fed and clothed, and every pastor and lay leader trained comes from special giving to the Thailand Mission Initiative (Advance #00403A).  Your giving has made it possible to open 3 new churches in the past year, train more than 50 church leaders, and be a part of a network of United Methodists that helped to feed, clothe, and educate more than 60 orphans in Thailand.  If you would like to support this ministry, please be sure to give to the Thailand Mission Initiative Advance (Advance #00403A).  Giving to our Mission Personnel Advance numbers will not support these ministries.

Pastor Banya with family and friends at Life Center UMC in Pattaya

We would like to tell you more about the newest UMC in Thailand, Life Center Church in Pattaya and Pastor Banya.  Life Center UMC has strong leaders but is in a building that is too small to hold everyone.  Not everyone can fit into the room which is used for a sanctuary.  This church is located near one of the many tin shack slums in Pattaya.  Many of the men and women who live here are involved in prostitution and other criminal activity.  The children are left to raise themselves.  Most of the time, older siblings are in charge of caring for younger siblings.  It is very common to see a 6 year old in charge of caring for their 2 year old sibling.  Pastor Banya and the Life Center UMC have a burden on their hearts for these abandoned children, and believe God is calling them to start a day-care center for these children who live in the slums of Pattaya.  The day-care center would minister to children ages 2 through 6 who are at the present time unsupervised, especially while school is in session and older siblings are not around.  We need to rent a building for this ministry which will begin by serving 30 children.  The first floor of this building will serve as a sanctuary for Life Center church as well. We will also need to purchase food, hire staff, and purchase supplies (sleeping mats, cups, plates, spoons, gas burner and wok, etc.). 

The goal is to expand this ministry over time, to be a fully orbed children and youth ministry.  We want to break the cycle of devastation which happens in Pattaya.  We see this cycle begin when the children are very young and are raising themselves.  They do not do well in school and have no guidance from wise adults.  By the time they are 10 years old, they are already working as child prostitutes, pick-pockets, or selling drugs.  Many of these are in prison by the age of 12.  The prisons here are awful.  No protein is given in their diet, so these children must place some of their rice on the floor to feed the cockroaches.  They "farm" the cockroaches to eat them as their only supply of protein while in prison.  Without this protein, they die within a year or two of prison life.  We try to minister to these children in prison right now, but we really need to break this cycle, before the children get to this point.  This children's center is the first step.
Here are some of the financial requirements for this project:
One time start up costs for equipment = $3571
Rental of building = $6428/year
Utilities = $1720/year
Salaries for director and 2 caregivers = $7286/year
Food and milk = $11,314/year
Medical fees = $1071/year

We have the right people to staff this ministry.  We only lack the funds and we are praying for the Lord to provide.  Please give to the Thailand Mission Initiative (Advance #00403A) to help with this ministry.

  Mike and Sherri Morrissey,GBGM Missionaries to Thailand

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Mike and Sherri Morrissey