VBS: Jesus Gives Us the Power

June 13, 2008

Seventy-four youth and children ranging from ages 3-12 gathered the week of June 9-13 for the Pleasure Ridge Park United Methodist Church (Louisville District) Vacation Bible School.  The theme for VBS Summer 2008 was “The Power Lab,” which focused on knowing that Jesus gives us the power to be thankful, help others, be brave, live forever, and tell others about God.


The seventy-four children and youth were divided equally among 19 teen and 14 adult volunteers based on grade and age and led through five stations a night. The stations consisted of crafts, Bible lessons, games, and other activities that coincide with the theme of the night. 


Pleasure Ridge Park UMC offers an environment for their youth, children, and fellow friends to feel accepted and loved.  “If the children leave here knowing that God loves them, then we have done our job,” said Marilyn Puckett.


God’s love was more than evident in this week-long journey.  Furthermore, the children’s passion for growth with their Lord was evident through the songs they sang and their interaction with peers.


Pleasure Ridge Park Vacation Bible School is an opportunity for these children to take the time and just be children. Singing and playing are favorites for everyone, but when dashed with the rights elements of study and discovery, this time can evolve into preparation for their walk of faith as adults.


Samantha Kolb, Louisville UMC District