Hurricane Gustav Response

September 05, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Damage and Response
After contacting conference coordinators and other contacts on the ground, UMVIM, SEJ has learned that the areas affected by Hurricane Gustav are still assessing their needs at this point, as many areas are still without power. Though the hurricane weakened before hitting landfall, it is clear that there is still some serious damage.

UMVIM Conference Coordinators in Louisiana and Mississippi have asked UMVIM volunteers to give them several days before they start receiving calls, and urged volunteers NOT to go to this area at this time. When the UMVIM, SEJ office has learned more information, another e.mail will be sent. Please call the UMVIM, SEJ office if you have any questions, at 404-377-7424.

UMCOR Sager-Brown escapes major damage - now for ways you can help
A memo from Tom Hazelwood, UMCOR
I just spoke with Glenn Druilhet, Depot Manager for UMCOR Sager Brown. The good news is that early reports tell us that there is no structural damage at Sager Brown. There are trees down in Baldwin and power is out in the whole community but it appears that they have escaped any major damage.

Glenn and other staff from UMCOR Sager Brown all evacuated and will be returning as soon as possible. However we think it will be at least this weekend before the Depot is operational.

We will keep you posted as we get further detailed information.

Remember, the best way you can help:
-Support UMCOR's work by giving to UMCOR Advance #3019695, Hurricanes 2008, Hurricane Gustav. Checks can be mailed to UMCOR, PO Box 9068, New York, NY 10087. Write the Advance number and name on the memo line of your check. Go to for more information.

-Assemble be prepared to ship Flood Buckets and other kits to Sager Brown as soon as it becomes operational (see below). 

-Contact your Jurisdictional Volunteer in Mission Coordinator for information about volunteering. We anticipate that it will be some weeks before the area is secured and housing set up for general volunteers. 404-377-7424

-Stay informed by subscribing to the UMCOR Hotline. Learn more at

Thank you again for your amazing support!

Flood Buckets Needed ASAP
Supplies of flood buckets at Sager Brown are extremely low after flooding this year in the mid-west, Texas, and Florida. While Gustav did not create the devastation of Katrina or Rita, many small and medium-sized communities with have significant flooding and wind/tornado damage. In addition, many more will likely be needed in the coming months.

Kit Instructions

Alternately, you can Donate Online Now, $55 for UMCOR to purchase supplies for a one Flood Bucket, or send $55 to your local church treasurer, marked Advance #901440, Material Resource Ministry.