More Reports of UM Outreach after the Ice Storm

February 04, 2009

Island UMC pastor Jeff Graham writes,
“Island UMC fed about 350 meals during the power outage without electricity. Our Ministry Center has a commercial gas range we were able to use, and I carried a small portable generator around on my 4 wheeler to provide some light. We tried to get some help from local governmental resources, but they could not come through, so we decided to do the best we could with what we had. We fed turkey and dressing one day, and today (Feb. 6) served steak and pork chops to about 70 people.

The power came back on during the meal today.”

Pastor Allene Cain Coon, Doylesville UMC, writes:

“Some members of Doylesville United Methodist Church in Madison County have not been going sitting back watching TV or living life as usual since their power has been restored to their homes. They have been cooking hot meals in conjunction with the Union City Ruritan Club for those who are still experiencing power outages. People have been coming to the club building and eating, watching the TV news and on Sunday even got to enjoy the Super Bowl. Meals have also been delivered by our members to those who are elderly and or sick experiencing no power. Some members of the church even slept warmly at the church during the time of failing power.

Thank you members of Doylesville United Methodist Church.


God has blessed us and He wants us to bless others.”


Albert Hughes, pastor of Inez Golden Memorial, tells how Methodists in the Prestonsburg District have helped the people in Eastern Kentucky.

“Emergency Management, several fire departments and Albert Hughes, Pastor, Golden Memorial UMC/Prestonsburg District Disaster Response Coordinator, set up a shelter at the Martin County Senior Center for those without power and water.  During a 2 day period, nearly 400 meals were cooked with many of them being delivered to people who could not get out. Nearly 2,000 gallons of water were also delivered. Individuals as well as first responders came to get a cup of coffee and warm up. Several families benefited from the Martin Co. efforts, including one totally bedridden man who had to also have his bed moved with him. As individuals contacted the shelter, it gave them an opportunity to talk about their experience, as well for first responders to make sure they were ok. 


Other churches in the district also provided means for housing and care for individuals. 


People in the district are asking how they can help now and in the days ahead.” 


Rockfield pastor Gary Graves says that “Rockfield, Christ, and Sugar Grove (Bowling Green District) are preparing meals and serving for over 350 persons at the Cromwell shelter.”