Lighthouse News

June 10, 2009








UPS Volunteers Shine Up Lighthouse
UPS volunteers put their time and talents to work at Lighthouse Community Center (Louisville District) October 16-23, 2008 as part of UPS’s global volunteer month.

UPS employees concentrated on beautification projects both outside and inside the center at 5312 Shepherdsville Road in Louisville, KY.  While one group pressure-washed gutters, another cleared small limbs left from September’s windstorm. Larger tree limbs were cut by chain saw into smaller pieces that could be more easily removed.

Inside the Lighthouse, another group of volunteers put fresh coats of paint on hallways and classrooms. The UPS employees arrived in large numbers and cheerfully tackled projects which Lighthouse trustees prioritized for the continued success of the center’s after-school programs. 

In addition to the UPS volunteers, Sherwin-Williams at 4410 Outer Loop, H&S Ace Hardware at 5416 Preston Highway, and Whayne Supply Company donated materials and equipment for the project.  The entire Lighthouse Community Center thanks these companies and the UPS volunteers for their much-appreciated hard work cleaning and making the center shine.

Lighthouse Choir at Louisville Ballet
The Lighthouse Choir presented a fifteen-minute performance before the December 6, 2008 Louisville Ballet performance of the Nutcracker. The choir created a festive lobby atmosphere for ballet attendees while showcasing their musical talents and the Lighthouse program. 

The choir sang on the staircase in the Kentucky Center under the direction of Choir Director Carol Wellman. Following their program, the choir attended the holiday favorite Nutcracker ballet performance.

Lighthouse Successes
A report in October 13, 2007, in the Louisville Courier-Journal, which was endorsed by Mayor Jerry Abramson, indicated that during the last fiscal, year, over 2,000 individuals released from the Metro Department of Corrections returned to the Newburg area to reside. In contrast to the high crime rate, Lighthouse is proud to announce that over the course of the center’s ten years, hundreds of children have gone through our program and not a single child has a single incident of legal/criminal difficulties.

In addition, Lighthouse attendees boast a much higher high school graduation rate. Demographics indicate that within the Newburg area, 80.2% of children graduate from high school, while 96% of Lighthouse students graduate. Lighthouse students have higher grades on average than their peers, and their deportment both at the Lighthouse and at public school is better.  The Lighthouse is a safe, caring place where each child consistently receives individual attention and where their dignity is respected.