Small Rural Fire & Rescue Service Blessed by Kentucky Conference Generosity

October 29, 2009

Red Bird Vol. Fire & Rescue, Beverly, KY, recently took delivery of a 2009 4X4 F-450 ambulance. The primary source of funding for the purchase of this unit was made possible by the Kentucky Annual Conference through the Eastern Kentucky United Methodist Health, Education & Welfare Fund. The new unit replaced a 1994 ambulance that the department had been operating with since 1998. The old ambulance had over 200,000 miles and was in need of major repairs.

Red Bird Vol. Fire & Rescue is a community volunteer service located on the Queendale Campus of the Red Bird Missionary Conference. It covers portions of Clay, Leslie, and Bell counties with fire, rescue, and emergency medical services. EMS Director/Assistant Chief Kenneth D. Lawson affirmed the importance of having this vital piece of equipment. “Having a four-wheel drive unit will assist us in getting to our patients during times when winter weather and road conditions are difficult.”

B. Elaine Noble, Emergency Medical Technician, shares, “It is great to have a dependable unit while I’m serving my community in people’s time of need. My whole family lives in the area, and it’s wonderful to know it’s there when needed.”

Although a Basic Life Support service at this time, Red Bird Fire & Rescue has two paramedics who volunteer with the service. The new ambulance was designed to easily be upgraded to an Advanced Life Support unit in the future.

In June 2009, Bishop Lindsey Davis and Kentucky Conference Treasurer Michael Watts were able to see firsthand the new unit. Members of the Kentucky Conference Cabinet enjoyed watching Bishop Davis fulfilling a childhood dream by engaging the lights and siren.

Chief Clifford Berry, Jr. states, “This new ambulance is a lifelong dream for some of our members. There would not have been a way for our small department to have ever afforded such a unit without the assistance of the Kentucky Annual Conference grant program. This unit will greatly assist us in providing lifesaving service to our community.”

Red Bird Vol. Fire & Rescue would like to thank the Kentucky Annual Conference for their immense assistance in helping us be a blessing to others. The department is continuing to raise funds to pay off the $25,000 still owed on the unit.

Capt. Revelle Moore Lawson, Paramedic

RBMC Superintendent Chuck Jack, Bishop Lindsey Davis, Chief Clifford Berry, Jr. and KY Conference Treasurer Michael Watts with the new ambulance