You're Invited to Change the World

February 02, 2010

On April 24-25, your congregation is invited to participate in Change the World, a church-wide event that prompts United Methodists to join with others in the community to make a difference locally and globally. United Methodist churches are encouraged to create and participate in a service or fundraising event that helps effect positive and long-lasting change. This may be a new or existing ministry.

April 25 is also World Malaria Day and will serve as the launch date for the UMC’s Imagine No Malaria campaign to eradicate deaths caused by malaria. Churches are being asked to host events such as camp-outs to experience sleeping under bed nets like families in Africa who rely on mosquito netting for protection against malaria. These events will help raise awareness and funds that support Imagine No Malaria.

What Will You Do?

Patricia Colwell, lay leader at Macedonia UMC (Corbin District) writes that her church will merge the April 24-25 dates and their plans for Lent into a project for Haiti.

From the beginning of Lent through April 25, we will focus on the needs of Haiti in the following manner:
1. Each time we eat out during this time period we will pray for the hunger in Haiti and contribute $5.00 to our designated envelope.
2. Each time we plan to have a soda or snack, we will pray for those who do not have this luxury and contribute the cost of the snack or $1.00 to the designated envelope.
3. Each day that we enjoy the use of computer, cell phone, or any means of communication and education we will pray for the children of Haiti and their lack of opportunities. We will then contribute $1.00 to our envelope.
4. Each time we take medicine we will pray for the medical needs and the medical teams in Haiti. We will contribute 25 cents per med. per day to our envelope.
5. Each time we embrace a loved one with touch or contact by means of sharing our love for one another we will pray for those who suffer the loss of loved ones in Haiti. We will contribute 25 cents for each "I love you" shared to our envelope.
6. Each day that we dress and feel the luxury of shoes on our feet and clean clothing, we will pray for those in Haiti who do not have that luxury. We will contribute $1.00 for each pair of shoes we own to our envelope.
7. Each night when we lay to rest , in our comfort , let us remember those in Haiti who cannot do so and contribute $1.00 for each bed and each cozy chair in our home.

Envelopes containing the money collected will be placed in a basket on our altar during the closing hymn on April 25. The total will be sent to UMCOR designated for Haiti. Though some will not be able to make all of the monetary “sacrifices,” they will pray for all of these needs in Haiti.

What is your congregation doing on April 24 and 25? Let us know how you plan to join in Change the World by emailing We will share your ministry ideas on our web site.

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