Health Kit Collection for Haiti Relief

February 09, 2010

The response to UMCOR’s call for health kits for Haiti continues to be wonderful! Many churches have already mailed kits to Sager Brown Depot (thank you!). If you are interested in sending your kits on a truck to Sager Brown, please see important information below.

Thank you to Allen Basinger, Elizabethtown District Disaster Response Coordinator, for organizing this effort. Please contact Allen at with any questions.

Miles Farm Supply, Owensboro, will furnish a semi truck & driver as well as the fuel to transport the health kits from E-town to the Sager Brown depot. Miles is planning to paint on the side of the semi trailer: MILES FARM SUPPLY & KENTUCKY UNITED METHODIST relief for Haiti.

Addington Transportation, 701 W. Park Road, Elizabethtown (270-765-6456), will provide a storage trailer on their lot to hold the health kits as they arrive in Elizabethtown. On the week of February 15, we plan to palletize and shrink wrap the health kits (pallets and shrink wrap furnished by Addington Transportation) to prepare them for shipment to Sager Brown. As soon as we have 24 pallets prepared (each pallet should hold between 500 and 600 kits), we will have the semi from Miles take them to the Sager Brown depot. It takes 24 pallets to fill the semi which is approximately 12,000+ health kits.

Please take the kits to Additington Transportation (see address above) and load them in the semi trailer in the parking lot. If you are in a pickup, you can easily set the kits into the back of the trailer, or if you are in a car, you will need to be able to lift them a little above your waist to set on the trailer floor. We are asking that as you place your kits in the truck please move them toward the front away from the door to allow others to get theirs in. For this reason there are steps to the trailer door so you can walk into the trailer and move your kits from the door. There is no assistance being provided by Addington, but if someone needs help loading their kits into the trailer we can arrange for a volunteer to meet them there -- THIS MUST BE ARRANGED IN ADVANCE (please contact Allen at the email address above).

IMPORTANT:  The truck will be open from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday (Eastern Time).

We anticipate preparing the pallets the week of February 15, and when Sager Brown is ready Miles Farm Supply will come to Elizabethtown and the pallets will be loaded into the semi. This is planned to take place the week of February 23 if we have enough health kits to fill the truck.

Julie Hager Love, Director of Connectional Ministries

Instructions for assembling health kits