A New Home for Mt. Washington United Methodist

February 24, 2010

On Sunday, November 8, 2009, the congregation of Mt. Washington United Methodist Church (Elizabethtown District) worshipped for the last time at its Bardstown Road location. During the service, many people shared their memories of special times with their church family, including weddings, baptisms, and special times with parents or grandparents. At the end of the service, various members carried out the implements of worship, including the Bible and the cross, candles, flags, and communion serving dishes. After the lights were turned out in the sanctuary, members posed for a group photograph in front of the building.

On the following Sunday, the implements of worship were carried into the new activities center, located at 253 Flatlick Road. After Pastor Mark Wilson opened the Bible and prayed, the service began. Members and community leaders were recognized for their help during the building project. A video presentation of the building progress was made possible thanks to a neighbor across the street who watched the building go up day by day. At the conclusion of the service, another group photograph was taken from the vantage point of the youth loft and a lunch was served.

The church is very grateful for the sacrifices of its members during the three-year Forward in Faith campaign. Instead of having fundraisers, members chose things in their daily lives that they could sacrifice and committed $1,002,000.00 dollars towards the new church. The fact that this was possible in today’s tough economy shows us that when we obey God, all things are possible.

Mark Wilson

Mt. Washington UMC's new building

Church members in front of the old church building