Staff Opportunities at Camp Loucon

February 24, 2010

Since its humble beginnings in the early 1950s, Camp Loucon’s ministry has touched the lives of thousands of Kentucky young people, and God continues to change lives here every year. Many believers both within and outside the United Methodist Church can relate a story of how their time at Loucon has influenced their relationships with Christ in a lifelong, memorable way.

However, the amazing things that take place each summer at Loucon are not possible without the willing service of our Summer Staff and our many, many volunteers.

If you would like to be a part of Camp Loucon’s ministry this summer, here’s how.

Be a Counselor for one or more of our camps! Our counselors fulfill an extremely important role within our summer camp program, since they have the greatest amount of interaction with our campers. Counselors stay with their campers 24 hours a day and have a great opportunity to form deep, lasting relationships with the youth that we serve. Our camps cater to kids of all ages, from rising second graders to high school seniors, and all counselors must be at least four years older than the campers they wish to counsel.

Work on our Summer Staff! As a member of our Summer Staff, you’ll build a community unlike any other with your fellow Staffers, build friendships that will last a lifetime, and have the opportunity to discover your own strengths and gifts in ministry. A significant number of Christian leaders discerned their lifelong callings while working in camp ministry, as well. Finally, working on Staff is a great way to earn college credit; check with your advisor to see if Loucon can help you out.

There are many opportunities to work at Loucon each summer. If you’re interested, read on to discover which one of these important roles may suit you best.

Our Full-Time Summer Staff take on a variety of roles during their nine-week commitment; they serve as lifeguards, ropes course facilitators, worship leaders, and more. Other tasks include office help, occasional maintenance work, and weekly cleaning duties. These staff must be 18 or older, and be able to commit to an entire summer of work. We typically hire 25 Full-Time Staff.

We also hire 6 to 8 Staff in Training (S.I.T.s). S.I.T.s can be 16 years of age and older, and will be primarily responsible for washing dishes and running the canteen for our campers. Being an S.I.T. is a great introduction to the rigors of full-time Summer Staff work. All S.I.T.s will work a minimum of one week during the summer, but may work as many as 3. We also hire 1 or 2 Maintenance S.I.T.s, who will serve as assistants to our Maintenance Director and help with various projects around camp.

Another important part of our Summer Staff are our Staff Counselors. These staff work in the same capacity as our volunteer counselors, but will serve as many as 8 weeks. We usually hire 4 to 5 Staff Counselors.

Whatever your role, you’ll build a deep, lasting community with fellow staff and deepen in your own relationship with Christ as you lead our campers to Him. All Summer Staff positions include on-site meals and housing. Our deadline for all applications is March 1, 2010, but late applications will be accepted and considered. Apply online today at

Be a Camp Nurse! Our camp nurses are responsible for giving campers their daily medications, and for administering other forms of medical aid as needed. This is a vital and unique opportunity to serve and care for our campers, and it is often very difficult to find individuals to fill this role. If you have nursing experience and are able to spend a week or more of your time serving at Loucon, please contact us at

Your prayers for our campers and staff are also greatly appreciated. To register a camper, make a donation to our ministry, or find more information, please visit our website at

Matt Murrell, Loucon Program Staff