Health Kits Depart for Sager Brown

February 25, 2010

“When falling out of a tree, sometimes you just have to let God catch you.” That is how pastor Allen Basinger describes his experience with leading the Kentucky Conference’s gathering, assembling and shipping of approximately 10,000 health kits to the Sager Brown Depot, ultimately to be shipped to Haiti.

With an effort that involved many churches, youth groups and other organizations in all of the districts, the logistics of collecting, storing and transporting was quite the challenge. Rev. Basinger didn’t think about if or how it could be done; he only set about doing it. Calling on contacts that he had made though pastoring various congregations, Basinger realized that he could coordinate the various elements that needed to be put in place to help the people of Haiti. 

Throughout the month of February, people brought all sized boxes and bags to Addington Transportation in Elizabethtown, KY. February 18 was the target date for all the kits to be at Addington so that a small army of volunteers could begin the process of boxing, putting boxes on pallets and then shrink wrapping the health kits. When that Thursday morning arrived, unfortunately the small army of volunteers hadn’t materialized. The small army was just Rev. Basinger and Ed Anthony, one of his church members.  As they started to unload the truck where the health kits had been stored and spread the boxes out across the warehouse floor, they wondered how the two of them could possibly do it alone. 

It turns out they had no reason to worry. Two car loads of men came to deliver health kits and be the army that was needed. The kits were all palletized and put aside awaiting the semi to deliver the items to Sager Brown Depot, located in Baldwin, LA. In all there were 20 fully loaded pallets and one partially loaded pallet. The semi trailer was almost completely full.

On February 23, the semi, donated by Miles Farm Equipment, arrived to transport the health kits to Louisiana.  The 21 pallets were transferred from the storage truck to the semi, and the trek to Sager Brown began. 

Thank you to all who contributed to all the hard work that went into every aspect of this conference-wide project.


Ed Anthony and Rev. Allen Basinger ready a box of health kits for shipping

An Addington Transportation employee loads pallets onto the semi trailer