Kentucky United Methodists Respond to Devastation in Haiti

February 26, 2010

United Methodists have responded generously to the devastation brought to Haiti by an earthquake on January 12. Churches and individuals around the country have donated money and health kits to help the many people who lost everything in the disaster.

As of February 24, the Kentucky Annual Conference had contributed $433,288.54 to the effort. That number is sure to grow as people’s hearts are touched by the plight of our brothers and sisters in Haiti. One hundred percent of money donated to UMCOR and designated for Haiti relief will go to that effort.

In addition to monetary donations, the Conference collected around 10,000 health kits—nearly enough to fill a semi-trailer truck—to send to Sager Brown Depot, the warehouse from which the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) distributes kits around the world in response to natural disasters and other emergencies. Health kits include items such as towels, toothbrushes, soap, and bandages.

Kentucky’s donations are part of a larger United Methodist response. Over $12 million has been donated to UMCOR for the Haiti relief effort. Sager Brown has received over 350,000 health kits.

The relief effort in Haiti will take many years, so continued generosity will be needed to keep assistance flowing to the nation.

One Great Hour of Sharing
One reason UMCOR can give 100% of designated donations to specific funds is the gifts received from the One Great Hour of Sharing offering. Gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing go to cover the costs of doing business. These gifts, along with Haiti Relief donations, enabled UMCOR to open a field office in Port-au-Prince and hire five stff members to work in that office to help rebuild Haiti.

March 14 is the date for this Special Sunday. Learn more here.

Earthquake survivors rest in a makeshift tent in a Port-au-Prince parking lot. (A UMNS photo)