Churches Celebrate Special Members

April 07, 2010

50 Years of Sunday School Perfect Attendance


Helen Thornberry smiles as she displays her new  Bible which was given by the Kilgore United Methodist Church (Ashland District) when she completed 50 years of perfect Sunday School attendance. Fifty years perfect attendance is incredible, and to most it is impossible. When she was on vacation, she went to another church. When she visited her children out of town, she went to their church. She didn’t miss when she had the Sunday morning blues or when the snow or the water was high.

It takes a higher calling to not miss for 50 years. No one at Kilgore can even remember her being late to service. The Bible was one of her own choosing to suit her own taste and needs. She is not through; she is young enough to have many, many more years of perfect attendance and she intends to do just that. Fred Wiles is her pastor.

Junior Poling, Lay Leader, Kilgore UMC

99th Birthday Celebration


Yeargins Chapel UMC (Owensboro District) was honored to have hosted a 99th birthday celebration for Mrs. Edith Coleman on December 20, 2009. At the end of the Christmas program, everyone was invited to the social hall for refreshments. Mrs. Coleman was surprised with 99 red roses and a birthday cake.

Mrs. Coleman attends church regularly, is able to do about anything she wants to do. She does beautiful quilting, goes out to eat with her family, and does some traveling with her daughter and son-in-law to visit her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Mike Pitzer, Pastor, Yeargins Chapel UMC