Madisonville Team Repairs Red Bird Church Roof

August 31, 2010

Madisonville District Mission Journal

As we are the furthermost western district of our conference, “West meets East” is the name given to the mission efforts of the Madisonville District. On July 11, a work team of persons representing six different churches left to replace the roof at Bowen’s Creek UMC, one of our “Partner Churches” from the Red Bird Missionary Conference.

Since Bishop Davis first gave the background for our endeavors last year, the Madisonville District has been praying for our three partner churches. Several of our churches have continued to collect and deliver items for the Christmas Project at Red Bird Mission. Others have been collecting for the thrift stores. Our 2009 Charge Conference Worship Service offerings were designated for Red Bird. When our “Immersion Team” returned with ideas and pictures, a DVD was made and shown at our District Conference. So the Madisonville District was primed to address this “Roof” need. Two members of our immersion team returned with others to handle the job.

The mission team gathered for a send-off during the early worship service of Hopkinsville First UMC. Cars, trucks and trailers were packed and the team departed to Red Bird. All team members were not able to leave at that time and joined the group later. Rev. Chuck Jack and team leader Mike Pyle had worked together to ensure materials needed were available. Team members were able to remove the old roof and replace it with a new metal roof. Thanks to the kindness of the Red Bird Missionary Conference Staff, Rita Grace, Chief Cook for this mission, was able to go to the Mission Office and send a daily e-mail. Through these efforts, the Madisonville District received daily updates of how God was using the team to serve his people. The Mission Journal reported on the progress of the roofing project, visits to the thrift shop, hospital, senior citizens center, and church potluck of which the team was privileged to enjoy. It encouraged our folks at home to pray daily for those on the mission, their physical and spiritual needs and their witness through the sweat of their brow along with them as they accomplished the “roofing”!

Our goal is to have “feet on the ground in Red Bird each month.” In August, a team from Onton UMC will be traveling to Henderson Settlement with a semi-truck loaded with needs from the on-line wish list. In September another group from Saratoga, Trinity, and Fairview UMC’s will be delivering Christmas items for the Red Bird Mission (an ongoing project of these churches). They will also travel on to Henderson Settlement. Plans are in the making for another work-team from Hopkinsville First UMC to go work on home repair. Our partner churches and their pastors are lifted in prayer throughout our churches. Their names, individually and collectively, are mentioned in bulletins, newsletters, and worship services. We are excited to be part of a connected church that lives out to the fullest the words of our Lord found in Matthew 25:40.

Praise be to God!

(L to R) Front Row: Dwight (Local man who came and worked) Rita Grace, Wally Scott,
Row 2: Rev. Chuck Jack, Mike Pyle, Jim Wisby, John Allen, Back Row: Rev. Jesse Johnson.

Jay Smith is Madisonville District Superintendent.