Golden Disciples - Food for Thought

September 22, 2010

Scripture of the Month
Matthew 5:13a: “You are the salt of the Earth.”

Table Grace of the Month
Thank you Lord, for all the flavorful food you supply to us daily.
Bless it now as we serve you with strength and a pure heart. Amen.

Thought for the Month
Salt is pure, a preservative, and flavorful. We are to be like salt. So we are to be pure in speech, conduct, and thought. We are to preserve goodness by example and to praise goodness in others. We should add flavor to life such as joy and encouragement in times of sadness. May we always ask God to show us how to be salt for others.

Senior Ministry Tip
Where you are, be gentle and kind, show respect, and be a good listener. 
You will have added a teaspoon of salt to someone's life.

Sponsored by Kentucky Conference Older Adult Ministry Team

PURPOSE: To address the spiritual needs of the older adults in their affirmation of life in relationship with God, self, and community.
MISSION: Pray-Share- Listen-Love- Serve