Berea UMC Community Outreach

October 26, 2010

After Sunday morning worship on October 17, 2010, volunteers from Berea UMC (Lexington District) participated in a day of Community Outreach. Fifty volunteers assisted ten different homeowners during a six-hour period. Volunteers ranged in age from as young as 3 to over 80. One quarter were under age 18.

Volunteers cleaned gutters, cleared fence rows, cut limbs, worked flower beds, repaired a porch, installed flooring in an attic, raked leaves and cleared dead trees. The kitchen crew stayed active preparing and delivering snacks and meals. Volunteers worked over 200 total hours on that service day. This day provided an opportunity for Berea UMC volunteers to share with others in our community through tangible means about our community of faith and to strengthen their fellowship together.