Change/Transition, God Is In It

November 02, 2010

Many times in life things happen that are unexpected.  However, it is clear that God’s hand is at work in these situations. Henderson Settlement was blessed for about 12 years to have “Save the Children” as one of our ministries. After the loss of the $125,000 annual grant in June 2009, we began to re-evaluate our program and consider new and exciting ways to minister to our children and youth. Daryl Lambdin, Recreation Coordinator, shares this story.

I wanted to hold a Boys Club for the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. I decided to go to the school and sign up five young boys. They were very curious at first, wondering, asking questions about what we would be doing in this club. The first thing I did was appoint each one of them a responsibility. After this was accomplished, we wanted to have a very meaningful name for our club. Unanimously, we decided the focus would be God because we wanted to spread the word and love of God around. The first Friday meeting was spent scrambling through our notebooks to come up with a name. After three Friday meetings, the boys going home and coming back with suggestions, we arrived at a name for our club:  CROSS CARRIERS.
Continue Remembering Our Savior’s Sacrifice
Cause Always Remember Religion Is Everyone’s Real Salvation

Bill, a volunteer, donated $200 so we could purchase shirts and some other things we needed. When we had our meeting that same day, I was able to share with the boys what Bill had done. They were so surprised and wanted to know who this guy was and why he would give money to help them like that. I explained to them that God works in mysterious ways and sometimes we just need to have faith, believe, and pray. One of the boys spoke up and said that Bill must have been an answer to my prayer. At that moment, I knew we were on the right path with this program.

Three of our Friday meetings are spent working at the Settlement. We are hoping to keep our transportation funded, so we can go into the community and complete service projects for our seniors. One Friday of each month we set aside just to rest and have fun. We are going to keep a journal and take pictures of the various things we do so this will be a never-ending story!

As you know, the children and youth are the future of our church and nation. It is so important for us to create a program that will provide socialization, education, and wholesome activities. Through our Youth Ministry programs, we mentor them by facilitating education, recreation, and Bible school activities. Our goal is to open doors of opportunity for these children and youth and share Christ in a safe and nurturing environment. Your generous gifts make it possible for us to continue this ministry. Our children and youth of today will be our leaders of tomorrow.

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