Argillite UMC Celebrates 100 Years in Ministry

December 28, 2010

Pastor Charles Mallory led the Argillite United Methodist Church (Ashland District) in a grand celebration of the church's 100 years of ministry to the people of Greenup County. Being a small rural church, it has not provided a wide selection of social programs, but it has faithfully offered the simple gospel of Jesus Christ to the citizens of the community and to all who were passing through. Many of the early citizens who worshiped there have been forgotten, but there are countless hundreds in heaven who have passed through the doors of this place of worship. The church has a colorful and successful history of its service to God and the community.

The first church structure was a two-story building. It was built in 1910 on land donated to the Methodist Church and the Red Men’s Lodge by the Eastern Kentucky Railroad (E.K.). The Red Men’s Lodge met in the upper story, and the sanctuary of the church was on the first floor. The Red Men soon disbanded, and it was then only the Methodist Church.

The church closed briefly about 30 years ago, then was reopened soon after by Rev. Orin Zimmerman, who was then pastor of Advance United Methodist Church. The Argillite Church is very active today. It has met all of its financial obligations in its connectional relationship to the larger church.

The congregation has been given two significant awards in the past 25 years. One was for most new members per capita in one year in the Kentucky Conference of churches. The second award was for giving more financial support to the Methodist Children’s Home at Versailles, Ky. per capita than any other church in the Conference.

The old structure was torn down in 1982, and the present sanctuary was built. The picture of the first, two-story, white-frame structure has been published in books and magazines and now hangs in Lodes and public places and often is unidentified. God will continue to bless those who pass through the doors of Argillite UMC.

Argillite's pre-1982 Building