2011 African American Clergy Leadership Retreat

February 10, 2011

Clergy retreat helps organize churches for successful ministry

The 2011 African-American Clergy Leadership Retreat, “Bringing it All Together: Organizing Your Church for Successful Ministry,” April 4-6, 2011, will offer techniques and strategies for pastors to become effective administrators and organizers of the church’s ministry.
The Rev. Junius B. Dotson and Michelle Whittaker will provide leadership. The Rev. Dotson, Senior Pastor of St. Mark UMC in Wichita, Kansas, will discuss how to organize congregations into a fellowship of people who work effectively and purposefully together. In addition, Michelle Whittaker, the Digital Communications Director for The United Methodist General Board of Church and Society, will focus upon approaches pastors can use to establish social justice ministries within their churches by demonstrating ways pastors can utilize social media interaction, website development, audio-visual and other technological resources to create ministries that address social justice issues within one’s community.
“Both Rev. Dotson and Ms. Whittaker will provide insightful techniques and ideas unique to African-American Clergy,” the Rev. Dr. Carl Arrington, Director of African-American Ministries at Lake Junaluska, commented. “This will be a time of exploring new venues to expand and organize congregations, equipping participants with the knowledge necessary to more effectively minister to their congregations.”
For more information or to register, visit www.lakejunaluska.com/african-american-clergy, or call 828-454-6656.