What's New with NetNews?

March 03, 2011

NetNews Online is now NetConnect. This monthly web-only publication will still bring you Conference news, local church stories, features, and information about events and other opportunities for Kentucky United Methodists.

Why the name change? With the move to all electronic publications, we needed a new way to differentiate between our monthly newsletter and quarterly publication. The quarterly will still be called NetNews and will contain the same kinds of stories you came to expect from the print version. It will be available online and will include a print-friendly version for people who want to print their own copy or print a copy to share with friends who don’t have Internet access. You can look forward to the next issue of NetNews later this year.

The name NetConnect reflects the mission of the monthly newsletter: to connect readers with what’s happening in The United Methodist Church locally and globally. NetConnect will connect you with inspiring stories of ministries; ideas for growing your church’s ministries and growing as disciples; stories of the Church in mission; announcements about training, grants, and other opportunities; and reminders of upcoming conference events. As always, we welcome your submissions and story suggestions (email to bdixon@kyumc.org).

We will also email a weekly update. NetNotes will be a concise report of breaking news, timely announcements and reminders, and stories of interest to people throughout our Conference, with links to take you to further details.

We also update our web site (www.kyumc.org) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/kentuckyannualconference) on a regular basis.