Update on Revolution Church Plant

March 31, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

We give thanks to God for your continued prayers as we partner with you in growing the Kingdom to bring a revolution to people’s lives and the life of the world around us. As we approach the one-year mark of Revolution’s existence as a church in the Louisville District, it seemed good to pause, celebrate, and encourage as we all continue to labor in the work of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

We are encouraged to see our community growing. New followers of Jesus Christ and revitalized followers of Jesus Christ who haven’t been a part of church for some time are becoming part of the Revolution community. Whether in worship, small groups, events, or engaging in some of the missions Revolution is beginning, something good is beginning to take root. Watching people connect with each other around our campus, in small groups, and at lunch on Sundays is an encouragement to me as a sense of real community is budding. Most of all, seeing the conversion that is happening through the conversations God is authoring in people’s lives is blossoming. Helping people connect with the deepest truths in life Jesus shared, and watching these truths transform their lives are the reason our community gets excited.

The other day I was talking with one of our newer people, and he said this to me: “I never knew that Jesus made life so much better. And I never knew that being a part of something like this would change my life.” I asked him what was changing in his life and he commented, “I realize that I was trying to find happiness in stuff that didn’t make me happy. Now I know that the only one who can do that is Jesus. I want to be a part of what God is doing here. I want to keep growing in my faith.”

We are excited about the upcoming annual conference this year in Covington. We expect that as we consider our theme of church growth and church planting, there will be many opportunities for our United Methodist connectional communities of faith to support one another. In particular church planters and church plants need the help of all United Methodists to provide a variety of resources and encouragement. Consider for example, would your church be willing to earnestly pray for church planters and new churches? As part of your missions budget, would you commit to giving 10% to helping new church plants cover the necessary start up expenses? Or are there resources which you no longer need that you could donate? Realize that most church plants have to purchase everything from chairs, to communion trays, to a/v equipment, even the rock salt for the Christmas Eve service that wasn’t expected – there are many needs in the beginning, and church plants do not always have the financial resources to purchase them. Finally, consider how you can encourage new churches and church planters. Even a well-timed e-mail can be a great encouragement to a church planter or the plant team that is working diligently on growing and reaching new people for Jesus Christ.

Many thanks to Bishop Davis, NCCD Director Tom Eblen, District Superintendent Becki Curry, and especially Gary Gibson and the people of St. Paul who dared to take the risk and start a Revolution. And many thanks to you, the people of Kentucky United Methodism, for your connectional support, prayers, and encouragement. I look forward to being with you in June.

Brian Ebel
Lead Pastor Revolution Church

Bishop Davis, Louisville District Superintendent Becki Curry, and Revolution Pastor Brian Ebel