Irvington Confirmation Class Visits Louisville Ministries

April 01, 2011

On Saturday, March 12, the confirmation class from Irvington (Elizabethtown District) came to the Kentucky Conference Center at Crestwood.  We began with a tour with the Kavanaugh Life Enrichment Center, walked past the lake, and were met by Bishop Davis at the statue of the Circuit Rider as we arrived at the Conference Center. Bishop Davis graciously met with us for over an hour. He explained many of the duties of a bishop to the class and answered questions they asked him while in his office. One thing they requested was to sit in his chair. Each had their picture taken at his desk sitting in the Bishop’s chair. Only God knows, but maybe one of these youth will one day sit in that chair for real. From the office we toured the conference room (admiring the stained glass window). From there Bishop Davis led us as we toured the media center and recording studio.

After lunch, the class met with Jerry Hoganson, the director of Wesley Manor. Jerry explained the way the retirement facility works and then gave a guided tour of the assisted living, Alzheimer’s unit, and the skilled nursing sections. As we drove away, we looked at the Wesley Manor patio homes.

From Wesley Manor we drove to the Lighthouse Mission and were met by the director, Ms. Ophelia Scott, who gave us a tour of the brand new facility. We ended our day in the original Lighthouse Mission center with a prayer for all the ministries of the church we had observed that day.

The Irvington Confirmation class is composed of youth from three churches: Bewleyville, Clair Memorial, and Irvington UMCs. We have seven youth in the class: Julie Tindell, Page Dupin, Jaylie McQueen, Jaelyn Perks, Brackston Dean, Lily Kasey, and Matthew Shilts. We began our classes February 6 and will have twelve class sessions, two field trips, and two work days each at the local mission center before completing the CREDO confirmation classes on Palm Sunday, April 17. Each will then have the opportunity on Easter Sunday to give their public profession of faith (their YES to God’s Grace) at their home church.