Golden Disciples- Food for Thought

April 26, 2011

Scripture of the Month
Song of Songs 2: 1-2: I am a rose of Sharon… Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the maidens.

Thoughts for the Month
The story is told of a woman who prepared a new bed for roses in her back yard. She was amazed with the choices shown in rose catalogues: a white John F. Kennedy, pink Peggy Lee, red Mr. Lincoln…  She decided that she would plant her own “Celebrity Rose Garden,” so she bought a dozen rose bushes of different colors and sizes, planted them and invited all her friends to help her celebrate its completion. 

As the gardener unveiled each rose bush, her friends were amazed to find their own names beside the bushes, but the bush in the middle remained a mystery.  As the gardener unveiled the white rose bush in the center of all the others, her label read, “The Rose of Sharon.” She explained, “This One is the love of my life, and everything centers around Him!”

Prayer of the Month
Dear Lord, there are so many “celebrities” in life vying for our attention. May we always place Christ in the center of our affections, so that all our other loves will fall into place. 

Senior Ministry Tip
Ask what you need to do to truly place Christ in the center of your life, and share the message of His love with others.