An Update from Mike and Sherri Morrissey, Our Missionaries in Thailand

July 22, 2011

Pioneering Pastors Program -

providing scholarships for Future Pioneers

It always amazes us how our brothers and sisters back in the States keep up with the news here in Thailand and are faithful to pray for us and the people of Thailand.  Many of you have mentioned to us about the new Prime Minister and government that is forming here in Thailand.  It was a landslide win by Yingluck Shinawatra, the younger sister of Thaksin Shinawatra, the former prime minster deposed in a military coup in 2006.  Although we do not take sides in politics here, we pray that the Supreme Court of Thailand and the Thai military leaders will honor the results of the election.  We are afraid of the horrific backlash that may take place if the new government is not allowed to form.  So far, it looks good.  But please keep this issue in your prayers.

One of the blessings that we have in the Pioneering Pastors Program is providing scholarships for Bible College students that have a shared vision with us, a vision to open a church in an unreached sub-district of Thailand.  The Thailand Methodist Mission (TMM) supports two students at Phayao Bible College.  One student some of you know well.  His name is Peter (his Thai nickname is Kack, which means Asian Indian, since he looks like he is from that nation).  Peter and Nuc have been very close friends of ours since we came to Thailand back in 2006.  They are our Thai language teachers and partners in ministry, and they are both dear to our hearts.  Peter was the first Thai disciple to receive the call to ministry under our service as missionaries.  We are privileged to help him complete his studies at Phayao Bible College so he can begin the next step in his ministry, to pioneer a new church in an unreached sub-district in Thailand.
TMM is also providing a scholarship to a Phayao Bible College student named Art.
Art has a burden to plant a church in Northeast Thailand, which is the most unreached region of Thailand.  Art is a member of Bowin church, which is the first church that we helped to plant in Thailand.  And Art is the first member of the Bowin church to answer the call to ministry.  So Art is the first disciple to answer the call to ministry from the first church that we helped to plant here.  (My apologies: I have at least 10 pictures of Art, and I have looked all over and cannot find any of his pictures.... we will have to post his picture at a later date.) 

We want to thank all who financially support the Pioneering Pastors Program through TMM.  You are making an eternal difference here, because when you help to plant a church in an unreached town, that town is forever changed.  It will never be the same again, because the Light of the Gospel is there.
Posted by Mike and Sherri Morrissey, Missionaries to Thailand, serving with the Thailand Methodist Mission