Making an Impact in Appalachia

August 02, 2011

Impact Appalachia is going to be an incredible day in which the church will reach beyond its physical walls, beyond its local community, beyond its local conference and become the living, breathing hands of Christ.  It will be a time when people from the Kentucky Conference, the Red Bird Missionary Conference, and people that live in the community join together to made an Impact in Appalachia.

They will work together all over southeastern Kentucky to make a difference.  Projects are designed to meet the interests and abilities of all ages.  Families can work together at the child-friendly sites. Individuals, couples, churches, and youth groups can come together to work alongside those in the area being served to make a difference for communities all over nine counties in southeast Kentucky.

Projects range from home repair, motorcycle prayer rides, visitation, carnivals, to health fairs. The possibilities are endless, as we all join together as one body serving Christ. The purpose of this event is to work in love and unity not just United Methodists, so all individuals, Methodist or non-Methodist, church members or non members, are all pulling together to show love to our communities. There is a place for EVERYONE who wants to participate and get involved.  All individuals interested in making a difference are encouraged to register at and come out for this amazing day of service, in which the church reaches beyond its walls and into its full intended purpose.

The evening will close with dinner and a joint worship service for EVERYONE at the Red Bird Mission School.  Be sure to register now at