Leadership Changes at KSU Wesley Foundation

August 30, 2011

After 29 years of service, Reverend Kenneth Simpson has retired. He was ordained by the United Methodist Church 21 years ago and served at Kentucky State University’s Wesley Foundation for the last eight years. It has been a journey for Rev. Simpson for he has been doing the works of God for majority of his life. His experience has been troubling but fulfilling. Troubling because of the lack of concern for higher education, but fulfilling because he accomplished all of his goals at Kentucky State’s Wesley Foundation except getting a dorm built.

Leaving the Wesley Foundation, Rev. Simpson’s wishes include that the campus minister does nothing but programming and is on campus 80% of the time. He hopes that the programming takes off very well, that prayer request is continued, and that there be programming on family. His advice for the next campus minister is that the Wesley Foundation is really worth the effort you put into it.

Rev. Simpson’s retirement left a vacancy at the Wesley Foundation. It wasn’t hard to find someone to be the new leader at the campus ministry. The board asked Rev. Bessie Hamilton how she felt about being the newest leader over the campus church. After a few days of prayer and trying to make sure she could work it in with St. Paul (Frankfort District) and her ministry with her husband, Rev. Evelyn Hamilton, Bessie decided that being the campus minister would be great for both of them.

Rev. Hamilton is very excited about working with the Wesley Foundation. She looks forward to being with the students when they need someone to talk to or pray with, leading them to Christ, working with Kentucky State University and the president, programs to implement transformation in the students, transformation in the ministry, being in service, mission trips, spring vacations, and just making a difference in young people’s lives.