Thailand Methodist Mission Pioneers a New UMC in Sakaeo

September 01, 2011

We have great news!

Thailand Methodist Mission has just planted a new United Methodist Church in cooperation with GBGM (General Board of Global Ministries) in Thailand. This new church is in Wattana Nakhon (which is the name of the city and the district). The whole district of Wattana Nakhon is unreached, having no church. Over 80,000 Thai people (not counting the large number of Cambodians) live in Wattana Nakhon district. This district has 11 sub-districts and 115 villages, none of which are reached for Jesus Christ.

This new United Methodist congregation will be planted by Pastor Brayoon, who has been working hard developing cell groups and children’s ministries in two sub-districts, the city sub-district (Wattana Nakhon) and a rural sub-district called Phak Kha. Working together with Pastor Brayoon is her daughter, Donyong and a young woman named Luck, both of whom are very gifted Bible teachers for the children. 

GBGM Country Director, Rev. Cherlue Vang, and his wife, GBGM missionary Mang Vang, traveled with Mike to Wattana Nakhon to meet with Pastor Brayoon, Donyong, and Luck. During the afternoon, we went to Phak Kha for a children’s outreach. Pastor Brayoon has great relations with all of the village chiefs and the sub-district chief, and she has free use of the sub-district community center, which is where the children gathered for the outreach event. Children came from many of the surrounding villages, riding their bikes to get there (you would be surprised how many children can fit on one bike—they never come one child to a bike, but instead 2, 3, or 4 kids to a bike). Donyong, Luck, Pastor Brayoon, and Pastor Banya (of Life Center UMC in Pattaya) led the children in Christian songs, teaching, games, while Mike and GBGM missionaries Cherlue and Mang Vang connected with the adults who brought some of the younger children to the outreach. When the activity was over, we enjoyed a meal together, and every child went home with snacks and a gift (and in many cases extra food to take home to their families).

We want to thank Bishop Lindsey Davis and all of the churches of the Kentucky Annual Conference for their generous support that has made it possible to plant this church in Sakaeo. You have changed the lives of the people of this district. Because of your Christian love, there is now a Gospel witness in this unreached district. Thank you for supporting the Pioneering Pastors Project of the Thailand Methodist Mission. You are making a difference across the globe for the sake of Jesus Christ and the Thai people.