More Members/Church Turn Around Boot Camp

October 08, 2011




Have you ever wondered about different ways to continue to build the membership of your church? Then you are not the only one. Between 140-150 people came together today for day one of the two-day workshop "More Members/Church Turn Around Boot Camp" in Covington, KY. Paul Nickerson, Senior Associate with Griffith Coaching Network, led the training sessions.

Paul Nickerson has over 30 years experience in helping churches to build up their membership, by being a pastor himself as well as spending the last eleven years as a full-time consultant with the Griffith Coaching Network. Paul has worked with 20 different denominations all over the United States to help them turn around their churches and he has come to Covington to share his experiences and teach those in the workshop some techniques that they can use. According to Paul Nickerson, the key to getting more members to attend your church is "…building new relationships." Paul was able to give the attendees the strategies to help build new relationships with people in their community.

Representatives from 25 different churches from the Covington and Louisville areas are attending the workshop. The second part of the workshop continues on Sunday, October 9, 2011, from 8am-1pm.