Blessing Home has a special event for the older children and their guardians

February 06, 2012

The Blessing Home ministry takes in children at the very young ages of 2-3, because the best way to stop child trafficking is through prevention, and we must start very early. The orphans and street children of Blessing Home begin by attending our Pre-school. And then when they are of age to attend public school, the Blessing Home ministry provides school uniforms, books, supplies, transportation, and food for these children all the way through graduation from high school (this ministry is only 4 years old now, so all of our children are still young, but there is long term commitment to these children). Blessing Home also provides food and care during school breaks, so that these children's needs are met and they have security.

At the end of January, Pastor Banya and the staff of Blessing Home had a special meeting with the guardians of the children that are sponsored to attend public school. When Blessing Home receives a child, we try to keep them in the home that they are already in, if possible. These guardians are not the parents of the children, but they take care of them with merciful hearts. The purpose of the meeting was to say thank you to these guardians, who have been very good to these children. These guardians are very poor, but they share what they have, and the Blessing Home ministry makes sure they receive education, medical care, food, and Christian nurture.

Some children, like Naet, have had to be saved from being trafficked by their familes, and the Blessing Home ministry must provide Christian foster care for her. Naet now lives with Teacher Pui, one of the staff at Blessing Home. This is a great sacrifice (caring for a child 24/7 is always a huge task) but a ministry that saves children from traffickers, especially when the predators are family, carries risk for the Thai staff. Pui expressed concern about what would happen if one of Naet's family got out of prison and came to take her to use her to sell drugs. Pui said she is trusting in God to protect Naet and to protect Pui and her family as well. (Just to answer concerns, we will cross that bridge when and if we get to it.... but one thing is for certain, Naet must be protected.) 

Sherri and I are honored to work with people like Pui, who give everything to the Lord and risk everything to save these children. She is truly an inspiration to us.



Mike and Sherri Morrissey
Chonburi, Thailand