Church Serves Plates of Appreciation

February 08, 2012

South Shore First United Methodist Church (Ashland District) will continue delivering their "Plates of Appreciation" in 2012. Organizations or schools are recognized and celebrated for their contributions to our community by the giving of a variety of dishes made by the congregation. These dishes consist of baked goods, assorted fruit and vegetable trays, and cheese and crackers.

It started with our N.O.W. Committee (Nurture, Outreach & Worship). We wanted to recognize those who give so much of their time, such as the volunteer firefighters and community leaders. Then it was decided that it would be nice to honor those who teach our children, take care of our older adults, etc., and it's just grown from there.

Each month a different organization is selected for the Plates of Appreciation.  The N.O.W. Committee schedules who the monthly recipients will be and then forwards the information to the congregation. They in turn sign up for what items they would like to make.

South Shore Post Office, City Hall/Police Department, and McKell Library were the recipients of January's "Plates.”  In addition to those organizations, South Shore and Maloneton Volunteer Fire Departments, McKell Elementary, McKell Middle School, and South Shore Nursing & Rehab received "Plates" in 2011 to show our gratitude and appreciation, and will also receive them again throughout 2012.

The response has been overwhelming.  All of the recipients are so thrilled that they are being recognized and always send letters of thanks to our congregation.