Don't Miss Out - Sign up for alerts from the Kentucky Council of Churches

February 15, 2012

It is easy to sign up for emailed alerts from the Kentucky Council of Churches. There are about 40 such alerts sent per year and there are no costs or strings attached. Now is the most active season, because of the legislative session in Frankfort.

The purposes of the alerts are:
-        To share timely information about Christian unity initiatives in Kentucky.
-        To help you deliver faith perspectives on issues being addressed by our public officials.
Council members include Christians of 12 distinctive Christian traditions, and affiliated groups add to that diversity. Our public voice is grounded in consensus “policy statements” that are all published on our web site.

It would be wonderful to have you in our email “loop.” The state legislature is dealing with major issues that call for people of faith to speak up. Please sign up now. And if you think the Council can help you foster Christian unity in some additional way, please contact us at 859-269-7715 or