Morrissey Blog Update

April 10, 2012


SUNDAY, APRIL 08, 2012
First, we want to let you know that next Sunday (April 15) will be the first worship service in the new building and the Monday after that will be the first day the children of Blessing Home will enjoy the new building.  Originally we thought the move in day would be the first Sunday of April, but there was just too much work to do.  The owner of our former building was very kind, and is allowing Blessing Home to use the old building for half a month in April at no charge.  We appreciate his kindness and mercy.
Second, we want to thank everyone for the donations to the building at Blessing Home.  The building is still being worked on.  The vast majority of the work is being done by members of Life Center UMC of Pattaya, Thailand and native mission teams from other churches in the region.  Pastor Banya has an amazing ability to make a dollar stretch and stretch, and the work is being done at a fraction of the cost that it would cost if we had to hire contractors to do it all.
The building is being made child-safe as well as security doors and bars on the windows.  The whole place is being beautifully decorated, and the front of the building has sharp looking glass doors and façade.
As more funds come in, we will install air conditioners on the second and third floors. Pastor Banya had to concentrate on safety issues first before comfort features, like air conditioners.
Your prayers and gifts make it possible to do the mission here in Thailand.
Please make checks payable to TMM and send to:
Box 56
Mannsville, KY 42758