United Methodist Summer Camps

May 01, 2012

The Kentucky Conference of The United Methodist Church does a lot of amazing things to serve God! We need to celebrate that, and one of the things that it does well each summer is provide an amazing opportunity for children and youth to experience the Love and Message of Jesus Christ in a safe environment.
Coming to camp is definitely a fun experience; however, that isn’t why we as a conference provide camping ministry. We provide it so that children and youth may know God. They experience Him through the creation. They experience Him through the love of his people. They experience him through community. It is not only a place of fun. It is an experience that challenges them to grow. You often hear the stories of how people have come to decisions of faith, but the other part of the story is those who know and proclaim the name of Jesus are nurtured in that relationship. They are challenged. They are given opportunities to ask questions, to lead, and to live it out.
I am thankful to be a part of an annual conference who loves camp and retreat ministry. It is one more powerful part of who we are as United Methodists! Did you know United Methodists in the United States have more camps than any other denomination? It is a part of what John Wesley tasted as he preached in God’s creation.
As we near the summer, I want you to celebrate this special ministry. I want you to celebrate what God has done through this ministry and what God will do this summer. Also, as you plan things for your church, your children, and your youth this summer, think about encouraging as many as you can to experience the Love and Message of Christ at one of our United Methodist Camps!

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