Preachers' Aid Society Provides "Gifts of Aid" for Retired Members, Surviving Spouses

July 09, 2012

Attention Active, Full-time Conference Members

The Kentucky Conference Preachers’ Aid Society was chartered in 1840. Its stated purpose was to “render ‘aid’ and assistance to the superannuated or worn-out preachers of the Conference and ‘aid’ the wives and children of such ministers of the Conference who have died in the regular itinerant service as ministers.” We are not an investment group. Thus for over 170 years, even during the Great Depression, the Preachers’ Aid Society has provided annual gifts-of-aid to its retired members and their surviving spouses. These payments were and are made from invested funds. The growth of this fund is the result of the many gifts made to the Society by lay people and local churches. In addition, we add to the fund our annual dues, all donations, and retain a portion of the annual investment growth.  

Two unusual features of The Preachers’ Aid Society are the Gifts of Remembrance ($2,000) sent at the death of a Member, Surviving Spouse, or Dependent Child and the Gift-of-Aid for members’ children who attend a United Methodist university or college. The Scholastic Aid, started in 1896 by a layperson, T. H. Elliott, was funded in memory of his daughter, Josephine. Also, the Ofa Glover Scholastic Aid Fund was started in 2000 by a gift from Rev. and Mrs. Billy Glover. With these two funds, we are able to give generous gifts to our members’ children.

Why join? Besides the above gifts, you or your surviving spouse receives an annual gift for as long as either of you live. Many retired members and/or their surviving spouses have received over $20,000 during their retirement years. Over half of our present recipients have already received $10,000 or more. In these ways, we aid those who have served so faithfully.

Don’t be skeptical about the remarkable “Aid.” Good investments, donations, bequeaths, and loving responses by local churches to Conference-wide appeals have built our fund’s principle, and we never spend the principle.

If you are an active full-time Conference member, join now.

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The Preachers’ Aid Society
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