Episcopal Candidates Have Busy Day

July 17, 2012

Tuesday, the day before the 2012 Southeastern Jurisdictional (SEJ) Conference officially begins, the Episcopal Candidates had a full slate. In the early afternoon candidates had the opportunity to introduce themselves to delegates and guests. Candidates, speaking to those gathered in Stuart Auditorium, had 4 minutes to share in whatever manner that they chose. Kentucky Annual Conference candidate, Rev. Debbie Wallace-Padgett, took the opportunity to "share her heart".

Immediately after the introductory session, candidates were whisked away to question-and-answer sessions where they met individually with each SEJ delegation.  In each room candidates answered questions for ten minutes before moving on to the next room and the next round of questions.

The day concluded with the candidates meeting with delegates representing SEJ Racial/Ethnic Minority groups. Delegates from the Asian Federation, the Black Caucus, MARCHA and the Native American Caucus were given the opportunity to question the candidates on issues that are important to minority members of the United Methodist Church. Candidates answered questions for over an hour and then received prayer before finally concluding a very full day.