Stars and Stripes and Our Love for the Community

July 30, 2012

The stars and stripes are flying high above Wesley Meadows United Methodist Church (Elizabethtown District). The people of Wesley Meadows celebrated the Fourth of July a few days early. On Sunday, July 1, 2012, the congregation raised the American Flag in honor of veterans who have served in the past or are serving our country today. We the people recognize that freedom is not free and that it comes at a cost. That cost will never be ignored nor forgotten.

Three of our retired veterans raised the American Flag for the first time. Jesse Roundtree, our oldest military member, served in the US Army during World War II; Jack Jones in the Korean War and Herman Allen in the US Air Force. It was a wondrous sight to watch our veterans as the flag was raised to the top of the mast. I talked to Herman Allen and my question to him was, “What were you feeling when the flag was raised?”  His reply, “The greatest sight I ever saw. The flag is a reminder that Americans have always been willing to shed their own blood, represented by the red stripes, to protect this country, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

The American Flag was part of a vision given to us by God. The people of Wesley Meadows are committed to the needs of the community. We have been under construction for the past year to improve our facility. Three very important ramps and a half-moon circle drive help make it handicap accessible. The estimated cost of these projects was $75,000; however, we were able to do all of them under $10,000, thanks to the dedication of the people at Wesley Meadows. We give a special thanks to David Wells, Curtis Allen, Eugene Centers, Harlen Stillwell, and Donald Sprowles for their time and talents. We also thank others in the community who so graciously made donations to these projects.